One of the greatest things about being a part of Jordan’s Guardian Angels is watching families step up and take on hard tasks to benefit not only their child, but children around the world. Luke Larsson is no exception. He and his wife Sandy are Mom and Dad to Marley, a beautiful 10-year-old who has Jordan’s Syndrome.

We sat down with Luke to talk about how he went the distance for Jordan’s Syndrome research and the incredible sights he saw along that way.

“Marley inspires me to take on difficult challenges every day,” says Luke. “Like her, if I don’t reach my goal the first, second, or third time I keep trying.”

The Larsson family knows that it’s important to help raise money for JGA research to give Marley and others just like her a chance at a better life. So, when Luke had the opportunity to sign up for a 100-mile mountain race he jumped at the chance. He thought it would be an exciting adventure but also a way to raise money for an amazing cause.


“Marley faces challenges every day too … too difficult for me to even imagine. Some days are better than others, but she keeps pushing forward.”

So, he set off! And he took the scenic route!


Luke says it was an incredible experience and he gained knowledge along the way for his next attempt. He raised $550 for Jordan’s Guardian Angels research into Jordan’s Syndrome and for this we are TRULY grateful.

Great job Luke and thank you to the Larsson family for all of your efforts and for being incredible supporters of Jordan’s Guardian Angels!


November 22, 2021