Jordan’s Guardian Angels is proud to announce the winner of the 2nd annual Shine Like Ozzie Scholarship.
Our scholarship recipient is Abigail Mayer of the University of Rochester!
Right now, Abigail is investigating the signaling role of the PPP2R5D-PP2A holoenzyme and its human de novo mutations in the central nervous system. “Neuroscience is a complex field with a wide range of topics and this vastness of research drew me in,” said Mayer. “Proper brain function is vital for human life, but there is still so much unknown about all the processes in the central nervous system.”

Mayer is also working directly on Jordan’s Syndrome research, and she says the families truly make a difference for her.
“A strong connection to patients and the ability to listen to their greatest worries to guide our research is an experience that has shaped my career as an academic researcher,” said Mayer. “This connection has given me motivation to work hard with intense rigor and reproducibility, so my work has greater potential to help those children.”

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This $1,000 scholarship is for a student (undergraduate or postgraduate) studying anything related to Epilepsy. This year, the Shine like Ozzie Scholarship had 5 incredible applicants.
Many members of our Jordan’s Syndrome community suffer from Epilepsy and debilitating seizures. That’s why research on Epilepsy is so important to us. It’s why we have joined the Rare Epilepsy Network, a partnership we are immensely proud of.

Most importantly, this scholarship is in loving memory of Ozzie Deason and all the other children our community has lost. Ozzie lost his life 2 years ago after a battle with Epilepsy and Jordan’s Syndrome.

“We are overjoyed to know the Shine Like Ozzie scholarship will go toward training Epilepsy focused doctors which the Epilepsy community desperately needs,” said Leah Deason, Ozzie’s Mom. “We hope that Ozzie’s story will fuel the desire to help other children like him and be a guiding light in educating others on the importance of ending Epilepsy.”
We hope to continue this tradition for years to come with new applications open annually on Ozzie’s Birthday. May the light of our children forever shine.



February 28, 2023