Jordan’s Guardian Angels strives to be a one stop shop for our community. We want all of our global community to feel supported every step of the way no matter where you are in your journey. We will meet you where you are.
For our new families there is incredible support in place. From one-on-one meetings with our Executive Director Carole Bakhos to connecting you to the Ambassador in your region, there are so many resources available.
Your JGA Team strives for excellence everyday especially when it comes to supporting our community. We are all available to answer your questions, create and provide ANY resources you may need, assist with interfacing with doctors and schools and more. If there is ANYTHING you need, we are here and can make it happen.
We mentioned our Ambassadors above, but this specially trained group of people is just incredible. Our Ambassadors are global in reach and are here to support you and navigate your experience with you in your language. They have created Whatsapp groups and Facebook groups per community and are here to help.
Project Halo is our sibling support group. Led by our sibling extraordinaire Lexi Levine, this group meets virtually to allow siblings to share stories and ask for support. It’s a pretty magical group to watch and be around so if you have a sibling of a child with Jordan’s Syndrome who wants to be involved please let us know!
There are also Moms and Dads Groups in place to help. If you are not included yet in those groups reach out and we will add you!
We strive to support you in person too. Every other year we hope to meet in person to connect and to gather valuable research data. It’s an incredible experience for our entire community.  And, when we can’t meet in person, we will meet virtually so we don’t go too long without connecting.
Our fundraising is a huge part of those in person reunions. So please join us in helping us to raise funds to support Jordan’s Syndrome research and more.
At JGA we also believe that mental health support is imperative. From our Talk to Me chat sessions to our wellness series, we are constantly looking for ways to support you. Stay tuned for more on this!
Our website is truly an incredible place to get what you need. From our resource center to telling our story, there is everything you need in one spot, and if it’s not there and you need it, we will create it, just ask!
We have so many ways to connect to you, using our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and more) we can always connect with you! We also send out a JGA Connection video and stakeholder email quarterly to bring you up to speed.
Please take a moment and listen to our podcast! There are dozens of episodes to help inform, inspire and support you!
Also, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Every Friday an email goes out to our families that’s everything you need to know from that week. Need to sign up? Just go to our website for more.
Bottom line: if you need something JGA is here for you! No question or request is too big or too small. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us, we are here to support YOU!


May 23, 2023