Dear Santa

What We Do

Share Holiday blessings and joy with families in the Coachella Valley
who would otherwise not know the joy and happiness of the Christmas Season.

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Why We Do It

Unemployment rates in some
Coachella cities are still above 20%

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Did You Know?

Nearly 50% of Coachella Valley residents
live below the poverty rate

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A Widespread Need

The median income for many families in the Coachella Valley is only 40% of the statewide average

How We Do It

Working with ministers from throughout the Coachella Valley, families are chosen for “adoption” during the Holiday Season by Jordan’s Guardian Angels.

A Brighter Holiday Season

The children and families attend a lunch and holiday party attended by Santa during which the children participate in arts and crafts and receive a catered lunch.

Helping Those in Need

During the lunch celebration, Santa provides to each child a gift card to use for purchasing Christmas gifts. The families are also given gift cards for purchase of food and other holiday necessities.

Making an Impact

After lunch the children and families are taken to shopping centers where they get to use their gift cards to purchase holiday gifts. It's our way of making the holiday season brighter for those in need.