Meet the Team

JGA Team

carole and yara

Carole Bakhos

Denver, CO

Project Director & Rare Mom

Brittany Cardoza

Washington, D.C.

Assistant Project Director

Christina Janes

Sacramento, CA

Director of Outreach and Awareness

Larry Farris

Sacramento, CA

Assistant to the Chair
Kayla 2

Kayla Saavedra

Sacramento, CA

Administrative Assistant

An International Dream Team

PPP2R5D Researchers

Top researchers from around the globe are assembling to examine the link between known PPP2R5D, PPP2R5C, and PPP2R1A gene variations identified in children and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, intellectual disabilities, behavioral challenges and seizures.

The international team of human geneticists, neurologists, psychologists, biochemists, protein modelers, model organism researchers and cancer biologists aim to study the mechanism of the gene variation to gain a deeper understanding and develop possible treatments for the future.

Scientific Team


Dr. Wendy Chung, MD, PhD

Columbia University

Overall Study Principal Investigator
Professional Photo_Mirzaa_2018-min

Dr. Ghayda Mirzaa, MD

Seattle Children's Hospital

Clinical and Molecular Spectrum of PP2A Related Disorders

Dr. Veerle Janssens, PhD

KU, Leuven

Signaling functions of PP2A in cancer cells, in neuronal processes and neurologic diseases

Dr. Richard Honkanen, PhD

University of South Alabama

Ser/Thr phosphatase inhibitors and high throughput screens

Dr. Stefan Strack, PhD

University of Iowa

Protein phosphatase 2A in neuronal signal transduction

Dr. Yongna Xing, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison

PP2A structural biologist

Dr. Brian Wadzinski, PhD

Vanderbilt University

PP2A cell biology in Drosophila

Dr. Houhui (Hugh) Xia, PhD

University of Rochester

PP1 in the nervous system; mouse models with altered PPase activity in the brain; electrophysiology and behavior
Kyle Fink

Dr. Kyle Fink, PhD

UC Davis Neurology and
Institute of Regenerative Cures

Stem Cell Program
Jan Nolta

Dr. Jan Nolta, PhD

UC Davis Institute
for Regenerative Cures

Stem Cell Program