JGA Resource Center

Information about the foundation, our families, and more – all in one place

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New Families Welcome Letter

Learn how to get started with Jordan's Guardian Angels

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Medical Professionals Kit

Resources about our research & Jordan's Syndrome for medical professionals


Living with Jordan's Syndrome

In-depth look at Jordan's Syndrome

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Let's Be Friends

JGA children's book helping classmates become familiar with Jordan's Syndrome


Care Before the Cure

A guidebook developed by the JGA team about how to best support individuals with Jordan's Syndrome


Simon's Searchlight Fact Sheet

Information about JGA's important partnership with Simon's Searchlight

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Journey to a Cure

High-level research diagram describing the progress made in finding a treatment or cure for Jordan's Syndrome

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Clinical Fact Sheet

Fact sheet about Jordan's Syndrome for Healthcare Providers

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JGA Roadmap

Roadmap for new JGA families

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JGA Research Team Updates

Updates from JGA researchers (March 2021)


Project Halo

A safe space for siblings of individuals with Jordan’s Syndrome to connect, share, learn and support each other

sibling resources

Sibling Resources

Resources for siblings of individuals with Jordan's Syndrome


JGA Ambassadors

Information about the JGA Ambassadors program

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2022 JGA Research Update

The latest developments on the incredible progress our researchers are making

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Advocacy One Sheet

A rundown of how you can get invovled and join our advocacy efforts


New Families Packet

A one-stop-shop of information and resources for new JGA families

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New Jordan's Syndrome Publication (Nov. 2022)

The latest medical study documenting Jordan's Syndrome

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PPP2R1A Publication

A new medical study providing the latest on PPP2R1A Research