Resources for Families

A comprehensive source of information for JGA families – all in one place


New Families Packet

A one-stop-shop of information and resources for new JGA families

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JGA Roadmap

Roadmap for new JGA families


Care Before the Cure

A guidebook developed by the JGA team about how to best support individuals with Jordan's Syndrome


Living with Jordan's Syndrome

In-depth look at Jordan's Syndrome

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Advocacy One Sheet

A rundown of how you can get invovled and join our advocacy efforts


JGA Ambassadors

Information about the JGA Ambassadors program

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Let's Be Friends

JGA children's book helping classmates become familiar with Jordan's Syndrome

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Living with Hypotonia

How Jordan's Syndrome impacts children in school: Hypotonia

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Standardization of Care

A study on the appropriate standard of care for Jordan's Syndrome