Jordan's Syndrome Research Team


Dr. Verlee Janssens, PhD

KU, Leuven


University of Leuven, Leuven – Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology

PhD in Medical Sciences, Master in Biochemistry, Bachelor in Chemistry

Research Topics

− Biochemistry (structure and regulation) of PP2A phosphatase
− The (patho)physiological role of PP2A in neurological diseases and cancer
− The therapeutic potential of PP2A

Research Areas

LPPP integrates research on diverse aspects of reversible protein phosphorylation; we combine complementary expertise on protein kinases, phosphatases and analytical mass spectrometry (phosphoproteomics), resulting in a strong know-how in the biochemistry of reversible protein phosphorylation.

We are particularly interested in the regulation and the role of PP2A phosphatases in basic cell biological processes (such as cell division and cell migration) and in PP2A physiological functions in preventing cancer and neurodegeneration (e.g. its role in tau and α-synuclein biology).

We actively explore the therapeutic potential of PP2A activation or inhibition in these pathological conditions. Our research tools cover the whole range from pure PP2A in vitro systems, to ex vivo cell lines and animal (mouse) models, in which the signaling roles of specific PP2A complexes or regulators can be studied or manipulated. Visit Veerle's KU, Leuven page here.

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