In a few short months, major progress has already been made in our quest to find a cure for Jordan’s Syndrome!

The international Jordan’s Guardian Angels research team, composed of the best and brightest researchers in their respective fields, converged in New York City in early December. They relayed significant early findings in our study seeking treatments for a recently-discovered variation in the gene PPP2R5D, known as Jordan’s Syndrome.

"We’re just beginning, but what we’re hearing so far is so exciting – and promising."

While much of the information described in the researchers’ presentations to the group was highly technical, it’s clear our team has made initial headway in understanding how the PPP2R5D gene functions, how the variation operates, its impacts, and potentially, how to fix it. We’re just beginning, but what we’re hearing so far is so exciting – and promising. Click here to review the symposium agenda.

There is positive news on another front: Joe Lang, the co-founder of Jordan’s Guardian Angels, reported progress in the fundraising efforts he’s leading. It goes without saying, but we’re so incredibly grateful for the generosity so many are showing to make this study a possibility.

Finally, check out our “Meet the Research Team” page and click on each researcher’s picture to watch new interviews we taped at the NYC symposium. We thought you all might want to hear directly from the researchers about why this study is so promising, and what personally motivates them to discover the cure.


December 16, 2017